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Small mock up website created just for fun!



Hard Sole

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This simple, yet amazing looking website was made in a hour as a challenge.  I got inspired by the love I have for sneakers and how they always get to me.

Simple | Clean | Modern

Hard Sole

Blog App

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The Pug Blog is a web application practice in which technologies such as Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and other powerful web frameworks are used.  This small blog gives the user to create small or large blog post and save them on a database for all of your friends to enjoy.  In addition, the user can edit the blog post and it will save at the moment.  Don’t worry if you did not like what you wrote!  It also let’s you delete blog post permanently.  Feel free to test it out! Enjoy!

Pug Blog!

Reportalo PR


This website was built to help Puerto Ricans afected by Hurrican Maria to find the help needed to bring back the electric power back to their houses.

Reportalo PR link